Day 2 – The 1974 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

I came up with a story that required a big old vintage car. So far so good. But who would have thought, I would end up with a beautiful 1974 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible? Well, two weeks before the shoot I popped into his office and told him what I had in mind. The owner of Juniper Auto Repair, Anthony Muoil did not even hesitate for a second and promised us to park his beauty on the street the day of our shoot. All Will and I had to do was to hand wash this gem of a car…

Next time you need your automobile fixed, here’s where you go:



Learn more about the crew and cast of A WONDERFUL DAY

Frank Brückner – Director, Writer, Producer, Actor
Lise Raven – Director, Writer, Co-Producer, Actress
Will DeJessa – Director of Photography
Lenore Romas – Production Designer
Aaron Hollander – Assistant Camera


Corinna Burns
Malin De La Torre
Gina Martino
Anna Watson
Todd Holtsberry
RED Camera by Michael Thackrey

Day 3 – Loretta and the big bad bass

The crew and very funny actress Anna Watson (LORETTA).

More about Anna:

Finding an upright bass turned out to be a major problem. Miraculously three days before the shoot I was contacted by Brent Edmondson from Ranaan Meyer Entertainment. He not only offered to loan us this precious instrument, he also dropped it off at and picked it up from our house! Thank you guys very much!!!

Here’s their website:


Day 3 – The shoot at the bridge

Although our time to shoot the scene was limited, we managed to capture everything.Will and Aaron were focused on the images, while Lenore and Diana touched up the actress who was bravely shivering in the cold morning wind on the Delaware River…

With Will DeJessa (Director of Photography), Aaron Hollander (Assistant Camera), Lenore Romas (Production Design), Diana Kovacevic (Make Up Artist), Kendall Currier (2nd Assistant Director)